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Black Label Reserve Beef

The Country Meat Market's Black Label Reserve Beef uses an Angus/Hereford Blend for their beef. These are English breeds that are considered the most flavorful and the most tender. There are 100% Hereford programs available, but don't have near the brand recognition or marketing behind it as Angus.


The Beef served by The Butcher's Son at the Country Meat Market is unique in Tyler, raised to our specifications. The Butcher's Son has a distinct story about the beef served in Tyler to our customers, creating greater differentiation in the Tyler trade area. 

Our beef is packed from Angus, or Angus/Hereford blend. No Brahman influences (no humps) or dairy influence (droopy ears) is allowed, meaning no "mutts." Ranchers and pakers sign affidavits certifying animal's English heritage.

Angus Chart

Humane Handling

All beef is handled humanely, which means:
• Pens are no more than 75% full
• Calm cattle mean less adrenaline
• Less adrenaline means more tender beef
• Gently handled cattle means less bruising

This sort of handling is better for the animals, and better for the taste and flavor of the beef. The Butcher's Son serves beef from a singe distributor and single packer with boxing specifically for our customers.

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